Background: I wrote this just after getting back from PorcFest XIOverall, had a great time. Mad props to the organizers, who gave many many hours, blood, sweat and tears to throw an epic weeklong convention/series of parties in the woods for 1000+ friends and strangers, and as usual, received boatloads of criticism, backseat driving and bitching from some quarters for their efforts. I wrote a couple of articles about it here and here, if you’re interested.

Let me sum up with a couple of Top 10 lists.

Top 10 Weirdest/Most Annoying/Most Infuriating Moments

10. Getting to a panel late, taking a seat amongst numerous empty chairs, then having a weird guy who had been standing in line to ask a question come over and say “You’re in my seat”. And he wasn’t kidding. He stood there until I moved, despite the aforementioned EMPTY SEATS ALL AROUND.

9. Multiple instances of people cutting lines. Were they raised by wolves?!  I know you SEE me, m*f*s.

8. Being referred to as “famous”; having total strangers address me as ‘Sovereign Sandy’.  To be clear, this is a weird, not an annoying/infuriating.

7. False advertising and lack of professionalism by multiple vendors in Agora Valley. For example, claiming they’d be selling A when what they really sold was B. Claiming they’d be selling breakfast, yet nowhere to be found during the hour prior to the day’s sessions beginning. Approaching them at noon and they haven’t even begun cooking for lunch yet. Or approaching them at 6:00PM and being told they sold out of item “hours ago”. There was one vendor, I swear, that I went to at least 8 times during standard meal hours, and every single time she either wasn’t even there or didn’t have any food cooked. More than one vendor told me to “come back in 30 minutes”; when I did, they said the same thing. How hard is it to hand-write a sign saying “Open ## – ##” (no matter how limited that timeframe might be) and then, you know… sell food during that timeframe?

6. People who carry on conversations during panels. SO rude. Much worse than doing it in a theater (for which, as we all know, there is a SPECIAL Hell), because it’s distracting to the person/people giving a live presentation in addition to the attendees, many of whom have travelled from other states/countries to be there

5. People who let their dogs go on and on yelping during a panel, or their baby go on and on shrieking. SRSLY? Have some courtesy and take it outside. See #6/SPECIAL Hell above.

4. Seeing how many people cheered/clapped at Larken Rose’s justifications for cop-killing.

3. Finding out that multiple men were offering drinks from the Courtesy Tent to women who didn’t pay the $150 sponsor fee. You can’t “give away” something that doesn’t belong to you.

2. Hearing about/observing how many people didn’t pay the entrance fee to attend PorcFest. Unless you procrastinated for months (when the price went up), it only cost $45 for an 8-day event! And it isn’t even a fundraiser; all the entrance fee does is cover the costs of putting on the event! Some people even acted shocked (SHOCKED) to be asked to pay, because apparently they just assumed that they would have their expenses covered by others, because…. because why? Because some Porcupines are more equal than others, apparently. :-\

1. To whomever FORCIBLY tore the parking sticker off my car, in order to DEFRAUD Roger’s out of the measly $5/day parking fee…











Top 10 Best Moments (or at least, 10 Awesome Moments; I’m sure there were more)


Hitchens the Mini Pig10. Having Hitchens the mini pig attend Knitting 101. Life will now be incomplete until obtain mini pig.

9. Seeing how overjoyed Patrick Byrne was at the audience response during his keynote presentation.

8. Having Free State Project President Carla Gericke, a native of South Africa, say my biltong was better than hers (to be fair, she was pressed for time when she made hers).

7. Being approached with a possible business opportunity.

6. Caitlin and Sabbrielle’s wedding reception #moarlove #yesicried

5. hearing Vera Kichanova talk about what it’s like being a libertarian activist in the former Soviet Union and realizing how, for all the bitching a lot of people do about “police state USSA”, it could be much, MUCH worse

4. being dragged to a panel I wouldn’t otherwise have attended, but finding out it was exactly what I needed to hear and was quite helpful

3. the Auld Locals, an Irish folk band from Massachusetts, who talk and sing about liberty issues, if you can believe it

2. having one girlfriend French-braid my hair and another paint my nails (black) #girlishpleasures

1. having my BFF buy me a serenade on ukelele, personalized to my musical taste, performed abruptly in road on sunny hillside, with numerous strangers around, while buzzed by (friendly) drone